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"Dog-gone Shame" (original) by Gabriel Lucero

August 22, 2022 Ken Collins / Gabriel Lucero Season 6 Episode 14
Ken's Think Tank
"Dog-gone Shame" (original) by Gabriel Lucero
Ken's Think Tank
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Show Notes

Gabriel Lucero on Ken’s Think Tank Season 6, Episode 14

 Gabe wrote something down.  He simply wrote “Can’t cowboy no more.”  Later, while looking for inspiration to write another song, he noticed that note and thought . . . “There’s a song in there.”

So, he sat down and wrote the song, “Dog-gone Shame” about an aging cowboy.  The song won the award for Best Western song at the New Mexico Music Awards in 2021.

 The song appears on his 2021 album, “Juice” available on Spotify.

 Watch the 2021 New Mexico Music Awards here: 

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